Trillium Housing is a new initiative creating housing affordability based in Toronto, Ontario. Trillium Housing is dedicated to investing in the development of entry level ownership housing and to providing innovative financing to enable modest-income families to own their home.


ONPHA believes that the creation of Trillium Housing to develop affordable ownership housing will be a tremendous benefit for Ontario and for families of low and modest incomes. The Trillium Housing innovation will fill a widening gap in the continuum of housing.
We are delighted to be collaborating with Trillium Housing to offer home buyers the Trillium 2nd Mortgage, expanding our reach to home buyers and empowering affordable home ownership.
Mazyar Mortazavi, Principal, TAS DesignBuild
Many developers I work with regularly will be attracted to the benefits they can derive from a Trillium Housing investment in their projects.  I want to demonstrate my belief in this new concept and I am looking forward to working with Trillium Housing.
Mark Conway, Partner, N Barry Lyon Consultants
At a time when core housing need continues to rise across Canada and governments are limiting investment in new (or renewal of) affordable housing,  we welcome new concepts like Trillium Housing’s that generate new financing for affordable housing.
Jody Ciufo, Executive Director, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association