Working with Developers

Trillium Housing is actively seeking joint ventures with established Developers. Both the suitability of a prospective site for entry level housing and the experience of the developer are assessed by Trillium Housing prior to entering into a joint venture agreement and investing.

While a Trillium Housing investment is similar to other development project investments, it provides a developer with several clear advantages. Because Trillium Housing is willing to postpone receipt of its share of project surplus by providing to home purchasers the innovative Trillium Mortgage, the developer benefits from

Expanded Market

The availability of the Trillium Mortgage gives developer partners the ability to convert into buyers many interested purchasers who otherwise would be unable to afford the product.

Faster Absorption

A bigger market means less time to get to construction and project completion.

Purchaser Support

In addition to the service excellence provided by the developer and mortgage financing professionals, Trillium Housing supports eligible purchasers not only with mortgage financing but with a careful screening and education to set a family on a course for home ownership success.

Approval Support

Trillium Housing is uniquely positioned to provide developers not only an investment partner but also a strategic partner as a Trillium Housing investment can help a developer meet affordability targets set by the city and receive positive consideration on planning and other requirements. The team at Trillium Housing has many years of experience delivering housing affordability through partnership with municipalities, including negotiating financial and planning incentives to support the development.

Better Communities

Trillium Housing believes in inclusive developments where a broad range of people live and build a strong and healthy community. We’re looking for developer partners who share that vision.

Social Impact

Trillium Housing will track and report its positive social impact by measuring housing affordability and purchaser household incomes, housing satisfaction, and long term family financial situation. Trillium Housing developments’ success will be measured by better communities and reduced poverty.

Attributes of the Trillium Housing development financing model:

  • Partnership approach to development combines strengths to the benefit of all.
  • Focus on new, entry level ownership housing.
  • Undertake developments in regional economies that are strong or are expected to be strong in coming years.
  • Evaluate development sites at the earliest stage, sifting through many opportunities to find the best values.
  • Invest in selected developments as quality partners and good value are found.
  • Trillium Housing is looking for developer partners who are committed to jointly developing entry level housing and to jointly replicating this process for additional projects on other sites which the developer owns or acquires.

To discuss developments with Trillium Housing contact 416 363 3144