Trillium Mortgage

Trillium Housing will provide eligible home purchasers (those with incomes below the local median income) with a shared-appreciation  mortgage. The Trillium Mortgage is only available to purchasers at developments where Trillium Housing has invested.

The Trillium Mortgage provides housing affordability because it is PAYMENT FREE until resale of the home, or if the purchaser ceases to occupy the home. (Trillium Housing does not provide mortgages to investor-purchasers). This type of  mortgage product has been accepted by CMHC and banks in their calculation of home owners’ equity.

A shared-appreciation mortgage does not have a conventional interest rate, but instead repayment is made up of the mortgage principal and a share of any appreciation in the value of the home. If the value of a home has increased 15% when the mortgage is repaid, then the homeowner pays the principal plus 15% appreciation.

As an example

A Trillium 2nd Mortgage of $80,000 will save a family $420 per month on their housing costs for as long as they own and live in the home.

Homes for Sale

Trillium Housing invests in entry level developments in locations we carefully assess with our developer partners to ensure we can deliver housing at the lowest possible price in the local market.  While each site is unique, Trillium Housing will always strive to invest in developments where the price of your unit is at the entry level for the local market.  We always look to partner with other organizations or local government to find new ways to deliver increased housing affordability.

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